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Nell Gwynn - a figure steeped in English history - was born in 1650 of humble origin. She was reputed to be extremely beautiful and an excellent singer and dancer. Her amazing good fortune was that she caught the eye of the then King of England, Charles II, and became his mistress for the rest of his life. It is rumoured that on his death bed he whispered “what would become of my poor Nelly ?”. The famous Kings Road, which is known for its fashion houses and exclusive restaurants, derives its name from “poor Nelly”. When King Charles II visited her from his Palace, the road to her home was full of highwaymen and so the King decided to purchase all of the land on the road leading to “Nelly’s House”. Thus the route became known as the Kings Road. Steeped in English history, Nell Gwynn Apartments endeavours to make their own by offering you luxury London serviced apartments unrivalled in value and design that you will cherish as we do.


Nell Gwynn bust Nell Gwynn statue Nell Gwynn House entrance