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Nell Gwynn House Apartments Nell Gwynn House Sloane Avenue London SW3 3AX
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7589 1105 Fax: +44 (0)20 7589 9433 Email:
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Terms and Conditions

Definitions: The words ‘You’ and ‘Your’ include all those people shown on the Booking Form (or any subsequent amendment to the Booking Form). ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ mean Nell Gwynn House Apartments (the trading name of Nell Gwynn Apartment 2 Ltd). ‘Owner’ means the owner of the Apartment. 各アパートの '家主‘のマネージメントを当館がしております。 ご予約をされる期間は‘賃貸契約’を結ぶことになります。 ご予約をする前にサービス内容、各条件をご理解下さい。 ‘Booking’ means the contractual agreement you make with the Owner from the time of checking-in to the time of checking-out for the supply by the Owner of the Apartment and associated services and ‘Booking Form’ means the information you supply Us before we make the Booking. ‘Apartment’ means the accommodation provided by the Owner under the Booking Form. You are advised before You book a holiday with Us to carefully read these terms and conditions (including any emails and other communications which We may have sent You in addition to the information provided by Us which may include information which appears on Our website). 1. Nell Gwynn House Apartments We arrange Your Booking as Agent for the Owner of the Apartment. Your Booking creates a legal contract with the Owner. We accept no legal responsibility for Your Booking including any loss, damage or injury to person or property (howsoever caused) arising as a result of the act or neglect of the Owner or any person employed by the Owner in connection with Your Booking. ご滞在中に発生し得る個人所有物、アパートに対するロス、ダメージの責任は家主の怠慢が原因である場合 を除いて、当館は負いかねますのでご了承ください。 2. Terms These terms will apply for the duration of Your Booking for the Apartment. 3. Pricing We reserve the right to alter prices (either upward or downward) at any time. We will advise You of the current price at the time we confirm Your Booking. 4. Booking You must be at least 18 years old when You make Your Booking. When making Your Booking You confirm that You are authorised to do so for all those who will share the accommodation with You and who will be deemed to accept these conditions. You are responsible for making payment of all monies due to Us. We hold monies as agent for the Owner. ご予約は18歳以上の自己責任を負える方。同居をされる方にも同等の責務が生じます。 Provided the property remains available when You make Your Booking and We have received all the required payments, We will provide written confirmation by email or where that is not practicable in another written format as soon as reasonably possible. We will confirm Your Booking and any monies that remain due from You. Your Booking is deemed to be binding in law and commences as soon as We have issued Our confirmation to You. ご予約が可能であれば当方よりEメールにてご予約確認をします。同時に保証金のお支払いが生じる事にな りますので、カードより引き落としをさせて頂きますー保証金のお支払いによりご予約の確定になります。 It is Your responsibility to check Your emails and any other forms of communication we might use to contact You regularly and to let Us know about any change to Your email address or other means of contact. ご予約フォーム、カード詳細の情報は正確にお願いしますーメールアドレス、電話番号、Cカード番号に間 違いがありますと後々のトラブルの原因にもなりかねませんし、時間と労力の無駄になります。 We reserve the right to refuse Your Booking. If We do this We will inform You immediately and promptly return any monies You have paid to Us. In such case, there will not be any Booking and neither We nor the Owner will have any legal responsibility to You. When You receive Your confirmation You should check the details very carefully. If anything is incorrect, You should inform Us immediately in writing. 当方の最終確認を受け取られましたら、内容の点検を願います。不明の点、間違いがある場合は即Eメール にてご連絡下さいませ。 5. Number in Your Party The total number of people who will use the Apartment (including You) must not exceed the capacity of the accommodation as advertised by Us nor must the total number of people staying overnight in the Apartment exceed the number of people You advised Us would be sharing the Apartment when You made Your Booking. Babies under two years of age will not be counted as members of Your party. 同居人数は当館ホームページの提示にしたがってください(2歳以下はカウントしません) 6. Payment We will require the following security deposit when You make Your Booking: Studio Apartment £350.00 One or Two Bedroom Apartment £500.00 You must pay Us for Your Booking not less than 30 days before it starts. When You make Your Booking less than 30 days before it starts you must pay Us immediately. We will accept a bank transfer for your Booking (but only provided we receive cleared funds into our bank account not less than 30 days before the start of Your Booking). However the security deposit may only be paid by credit or debit card. 保証金: £350・スタジオタイプ  £500・1/2ベッドルーム :保証金はご予約を確約にする為と;アパ ート内の損傷、電話代等の未決済がある場合に引き落としとなります。 The security deposit will be applied toward any charges incurred during Your Booking. The balance will be returned as soon as reasonably practicable and usually within 14 days of the end of Your Booking. By Booking with Us You are deemed to have agreed to and authorised any payment for damage to the Apartment, furniture or equipment as well as any additional cleaning that may be required when the Booking ends together with any charges for unauthorised late check-out. You agree that such amount will become payable immediately at the end of the Booking and authorise Us to take such payment from Your debit or credit card using the card information You provided to Us when making the Booking. 7. Pricing Our prices include all charges and any UK taxes applicable when You make the Booking. Our prices are for the Apartment and not ‘per person’. 8. Website and other information We do Our best to ensure that the information We provide is presented accurately. However, there may be small differences between the Apartment and its description. This is normally because the Owners have a policy of continually up-grading Apartments, their services and facilities. We might occasionally encounter problems which mean that some facilities or services may not be available (or may be restricted). If this happens We will try to tell You as soon as reasonably practicable after We have been made aware of the problem. However We cannot accept responsibility for any such differences or for changes or closures to local services or attractions described by us including the information that appears on Our website. Photographs on Our website are intended to be illustrative of the types of rooms offered but that there is no guarantee of any specific outlook, layout, style of furnishing etc. 9. Changes by You Should You need to make a change to Your Booking after We have confirmed it (which will include any transfer of Your Booking to someone else), then We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of not less than £25.00 and, in addition, to require immediate payment of any outstanding monies which may be due from You. ご契約の譲渡を含む変更に対しては手数料として£25が発生します。 10. Cancellation by You You must email Us or notify us in writing immediately should You wish to cancel Your Booking, quoting the Booking reference. Your cancellation will become effective once We have confirmed the cancellation to You by email. キャンセルはご到着予定日に充分の余裕をもってメールにてご通知下さい。その後当方からキャンセルの確 認メールをします。 You may not transfer Your booking to someone else after You have given notice of cancellation. If You cancel Your Booking We will apply the following charges to cover Our costs and those of the Owner: Cancellations made more than 14 days before Your arrival: £100 + VAT; Cancellations made less than 14 days before Your arrival: 100% of the security deposit You should note that we will not accept cancellation or any request to reduce length of Your Booking after the check in date; キャンセルの通知がご到着予定日の14日以前の場合、手数料として£100+付加価値税 キャンセルがご到着予定日の14日以内の場合は保証金全額の徴収となります。 ご到着後の変更<ショートステイ>に対してのご返金はありません。 11. Bed Linen, Duvets, Towels, etc. We will provide such bed linen, duvets and towels as We shall deem to be reasonably necessary to provide for the number of people staying in the Apartment. We will change Linen & Towels once on each seventh day of your Booking. 週一回のベッドリネン+タオル 12. Change to booking or cancellation by the Owner We reserve the right in exceptional circumstances to change or modify the Booking. Where We become aware of this, We will aim to telephone You and email You immediately and explain the reason and arrange immediate refund of the monies paid by You. 13. The Apartment 下記のチェックイン・チェックアウトタイムをご了承下さい。 Our check in time is after 15:00 on the start of your Booking and our checkout time before 11:00 at the end of your Booking. You agree not without our prior permission to either enter the Apartment before the check in time, nor leave it after the check-out time. You and those others who share the Apartment with You agree to keep the Apartment clean and tidy and to leave it in no worse condition than You found it when the Booking commenced. You agree not to use the Apartment for any illegal or commercial purpose (which shall include not allowing anyone else to use the Apartment whose identity You have not previously advised to Us). You agree to be responsible to the Owner for all costs relating to breakage of or damage to the Apartment, furniture or equipment howsoever caused and for any consequential costs. We reserve the right to charge for the cost of remedial work to the Apartment, for replacing furniture and/or equipment. We reserve the right to enter the Apartment during Your Booking (without prior notice where it is not possible to advise You beforehand) for routine cleaning and housekeeping and also in the case of special circumstances or emergencies. 14. Unreasonable Behaviour テナントとしてのマナーを以てご滞在下さい。 We reserve the right to cancel the Booking if the unreasonable behaviour of You or anyone sharing the accommodation with You is considered likely to spoil the enjoyment, comfort or health of any other guests, residents or people in the same or neighbouring buildings. In these circumstances no refund of the Booking cost will be given. 14. Disabilities Some Apartments may be unsuitable for dis-ambulant visitors. To ensure the accommodation is suitable for those with a disability, it is essential that You email Us before You make Your booking providing Us with clear details of those who may have special needs. We will endeavour to cater for those with such needs insofar as is reasonably practicable. 15. Special Requests We will try to accommodate Your special requests although will not guarantee that these will be met. Should We agree to Your request, We will confirm this to You by email before the Booking. お客様からの特別リクエストに対して極力ご希望にかなう様に努めますがその場での‘'確約‘は致しかねま す。 16. Complaints We will endeavour to deal with any complaint which You make as soon as practicably possible and in all cases before the end of Your Booking. In the first instance, this should be by telephone to Our office on 0207 589 1105 during working hours and, where possible, also by email. Where You feel the problem was not dealt with satisfactorily during Your Booking, You must within 28 days of the end of Your Booking write to Us by email and recorded delivery letter to Our office at: Nell Gwynn Apartment 2 Ltd, Letting Office, Nell Gwynn House, Sloane Avenue Chelsea London SW3 3AX. 苦情、問題点はお早めにオフィス営業時間内にお知らせ下さい。ご出発後のクレームはEメール、書簡にて お願します。 Our aim is to resolve complaints as soon as possible. 17. Force Majeure Neither We nor the Owner accept any responsibility nor will We pay any compensation where the provision of the Apartment (or any matter connected with such provision) is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances which could not have been reasonably foreseen. These might include the destruction or damage of the Apartment (which cannot then be reasonably remedied to a satisfactory standard before Your Booking starts) through fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage, riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather or war, actual or threatened terrorist activity, epidemic and all similar situations which are beyond both Our and the Owner’s control. 18. Pets 厳禁です We do not accept pets or other animals of any nature within the Apartment save for registered assistance dogs (in which case You agree to notify Us by email of your requirement before the Booking starts). 19. Smoking We will permit smoking within your Apartment provided you notify Us of your wish to smoke when making your Booking. However, we do not permit smoking anywhere else, including on the Nell Gwynn House forecourt, or within the entrance lobby, lifts, enclosed passageways and stairways leading to and from Your Apartment. There is a designated smoking area at the rear of the building. Our staff will advise You of the location on request. 喫煙はお部屋の中では可能ですが、後に到着される方の為にも換気を充分によくして喫煙をお願いします。 あまりにもお部屋内にニコチンが染み付きますと特別の処理が必要になり、コストがかかりますのでチャー ジを化せられることになります。 20. Responsibility for Your Booking We act as Agent for the Owner and cannot accept legal responsibility for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature. However We will not exclude or limit responsibility for death or personal injury if that shall be caused as a result of Our negligence or for any criminal act We may commit. Neither We nor the Owner will be held responsible for any noise or disturbance from beyond the walls of the Apartment. Should We become aware of a potential problem before Your booking commences, We will try to contact You to let You know. We cannot be held responsible for the break-down of any equipment (for example, televisions, videos, boilers, internet, or Wi-Fi) or for the failure of the building lifts or public utilities such as water, gas and electricity. 21. Personal Insurance You are strongly advised to take out personal insurance before Your Booking starts through a reputable provider. 22. Passports, Visas and Health Requirements Neither We nor the Owner can accept any responsibility should You or those who intend to use the Apartment be refused entry to the UK or for the failure of any transport to or within the UK. Any users of the Apartment who are not British citizens (or do not hold a British passport) should check passport and visa requirements with the UK Immigration Office before You or they plan to travel. If You do not possess appropriate documentation and this results in fines, charges or other financial penalties made to either Us or the Owner, You will be responsible for repaying those costs and charges to Us. The law allows Us to require You to produce all personal details including passport numbers should We require this of You or those using the Apartment with You. 23. Jurisdiction You agree that any dispute will be dealt with by the Courts in England and Wales and that any action will be governed by English law. 24. Communications We will need to collect and process personal information. We may from time to time record telephone calls for training purposes and to improve the quality of Our service provision. 25. Marketing We may to send You information by email, post, telephone, text message of products and services which We consider might be of interest to You. However if You would prefer Us not to do this, please advise Us when making Your Booking. 26. Breach We reserve the right without notice if You are found to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions, to repossess the Apartment whereon the Booking shall be deemed to have ended. We will not accept responsibility for any consequential costs which You may incur as a result. Nell Gwynn House Apartment 2 Ltd 1 July 2014
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